Friday, August 31, 2007

Darfur Vigil at Sudan Embassy DC Aug 31

The Darfur Vigil will be interrupted this weekend as I join east coast Catholic Workers and Jonah House in an annual gathering in Connecticut. Some of these are the folks I was arrested with this month fighting the Iraq War at the Pentagon and Fighting Nuclear War at the White House. The Darfur Vigil will resume early next week at the Sudan Embassy in DC, God willing.

In all likelihood Darfur will die under the weight of this summer's success, and if anyone can make certain of this, President al-Bashir is the one to bet on. Yes, at long last the UN passed a resolution for UN Peacekeepers able to use force in their mission. Yes, the UN and international community has established some initial pressure toward a meaningful Peace Negotiation.

Unfortunately, the temptation to delude ourselves that the real work is behind us is likely to doom Darfur. The real work, including the activist work, has not yet begun. The peace making effort needed to Rescue and Restore Darfur is widely described as the largest and most complex ever undertaken by the International Community.

Why will the International Community follow through? Will they find the determination and perseverance? They will not. They will not unless we citizens en masse first follow through, find and maintain the determination and perseverance for this multi-year peace making effort.

Everything depends on the Rescue and Restore of Darfur. Almost every day I feel torn in my extreme desire to fight the war in Iraq, to eliminate nuclear weapons, to stop the mad war spending of the US, to bring humanity to Palestine.... But Darfur, as I have written before, is our key. Nowhere is there such an opportunity to begin the mobilization of Global Humanity that can then be directed to these other horrific situations. Nowhere is there the moral clarity and do ability of Darfur.

Darfur is the last, best hope to restart the engine of Humanity on planet earth. And so far, we are not rising to the opportunity. God will help us, but She will not do it for us; we must stand with our brothers and sisters in Darfur, like family, until their lives are restored.

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