Tuesday, April 10, 2007

How we will end the Genocide

One people have been saved only when another set of people lays down their life for them. South Africa, US Slavery, Civil Rights, Ending Vietnam War....

NO ONE IS YET LAYING DOWN THEIR LIFE FOR DARFUR. Until this changes Darfuries will die.

For strategic background see: Darfur Hunger Strike Day 35: To The Death or Resolution by June 30 and also Darfur: Necessary components for resolution by June 30 .

PRIME OBJECTIVE: Sense of Moral Reality and Urgency in the hearts of the DC / International community and President el-Bashir: HUNGER STRIKE: Stand with Darfur: Sudan Embassy . When we are two, a 2nd person joins we will both be at the Sudan Embassy. Fabulous drive by visibility for the entire DC NW metro area, and most of the world's embassies.

SECOND OBJECTIVE: Moral / Economic crisis for China: When we are 3-4, persons 3 & 4 will be 24/7 at the Chinese Embassy with signage to create a great moral embarrassment for China.

THIRD OBJECTIVE: Moral Focus Among Americans to Lay Down Their Lives: When we are 8, half of us will mount a moral action to demand that President Bush tell us what we have to produce FOR HIM to have the mandate he needs to bring this to an impeccible moral close for Darfur.

FOURTH OBJECTIVE: Mounting Moral / Economic crisis for China: When we are 16, half of us will begin Direct, Tough Love Brotherly Action to further wake up the humanity within our brother China. With total brotherly concern and responsibility we will disrupt the flow of China goods into the US - block strategic stores, baracade loading docks at ports, etc.

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