Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Logistics and Communication

Email me. Now I can check each evening.


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Anonymous said...

Rapid Response Services RRS is the only exclusive multi-modal logistics service in Sudan. RRS utilizes multi-modal transport systems and a range of routes and contingencies to guarantee the importation and transfer of aid/cargo/equipment from either Port Sudan or Khartoum to anywhere in Darfur in under 7 days, including organising all customs clearance and documentation procedures!
The focus of this service is time. Current bad weather conditions and unscheduled convoys have created major delays in transporting aid and equipment to those in need. RRS circumvents these problems by using all the multi-modal services at its disposal.

The company is a combined shipping agent, freight forwarding, land and air freight logistics company. RRS uses over 200 staff to conduct its all inclusive logistics packages, with vast land and air fleets at its disposal. Please visit our website for more details.