Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Darfur Vigil Day #133 Washington DC

[originally posted 7/11/07]

Several days earlier this week were lost to illness. Nothing serious but a cold that in earlier times might have bounced off pretty well leveled me.

As usual, the "good news" of two weeks ago that al-Bashir finally acquiesced to 20,000 peacekeepers has been more than offset by more recent reports of:
  • Deep skepticism on the part of most watchers that al-Bashier will at last honor anything he says;
  • The worst month yet of attacks on aid workers;
  • The top two UN / Darfur related posts continue unfilled since 2006;
  • Indeterminate delay of the Mid-August peace agreement meeting....

After the "good news" of several weeks ago I shifted focus from Sudan Embassy exclusive to include other locations. In light of the "bad news" above I expect to resume focus on the Sudan Embassy and possibly resume the 24/6 residence on the sidewalk. My body has lost quite a bit of resilience but our Darfur family has lost much more.

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