Monday, January 29, 2007

Day #121 Darfur Vigil in DC

[originally published 6/29/07]

Much pain in my feet and hip joints associate with the marching has cut me down for a while to 6-7 hours per day. A mild stomach virus has me sidelined today; the Embassies do not offer me lavatory privelages.

During the past week:
* Friday: France, Germany, Sudan
* Monday: UK
* Tuesday: China
* Wednesday: UK
* Thursday: Sudan


Holly said...

hi Start, :)

Holly here - my fiance, Ryan and I met you outside of the White House a couple of days ago. Thank you for the discussion - how are you? I'm sorry that your tummy is upsetting is so important in enabling us to have a body to do our work. Rest.


Holly said...
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