Sunday, January 21, 2007

Vigil Day #113 Darfur Vigil Washington DC

[originally published 6/21/07]

As noted on the previous update, Stand With Darfur DC Vigil Day #109, the first PROGRESS ever occurred last week. Please review this link.

Thanks to Albert for a great new writeup on the vigil at Darfur Hunger Striker Speaks Out on Nonprofits, Spirit, and Abundant Life.

Consequently only part of the Vigil will continue in front of the Sudan Embassy. Other Embassies are being added!

The bottle neck now expands to the international players that can get:
  1. The mulit party negotiations of an updated Peace Agreement completed;
  2. 20,000 peacekeepers on the ground, NOW.

The Vigil will contnue as follows:

Monday-Friday the Vigil will continue 9-12 hours in 3 hour blocks at the following locations -

  • Sudan Embassy: To stave off backsliding
  • Franch Embassy: To encourage continued aggressive leadership on 1&2.
  • German Embassy: To encourage leadership on 1&2.
  • China Embassy: To encourage Leadership AND Troop contribution.
  • Pakistan Embassy: To encourage troop contribution.
  • Indian Embassy: To encourage troop contribution.
  • State Department: To encourage Leadership.

Saturday during the tourist season -

  • Marching the Mall with signs.

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